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The Ignite Academy

Ignite You, Spark Change

Vision: The Ignite Academy envisions a world where individuals will spark change because they know their purpose, have overcome their obstacles, know their worth, embrace their uniqueness, and have strong resilience. 

Mission: The mission of the Ignite Academy* is to provide programs that empower individuals to clarify their purpose, overcome their obstacles, declare their worth, embrace their uniqueness, and strengthen their resilience through courses, mentoring and coaching groups,  spiritual direction, and other tools and resources that will empower them to spark change so they will empower others to blaze their trails. 

*Ignite Academy uses the Christian Bible as its foundation.

The Ignite Academy Mentoring Group-
For Women Only

Apply to be a part of the Ignite Mentoring Group to foster your personal and spiritual maturity. Monthly sessions, resources, classes, and personalized guidance by mentor Joycelyn. Start your transformative journey today. 

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Three Prayer Practices That Will Transform
Your Life- Class

Discover these life changing practices: prayer of examen, centering prayer and Lectio Divina. This class will empower you to deepen your spiritual connection and transform your
daily life. 

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The Pastoral
Leadership Group
For Women Pastors Only

Apply to be a part of the Pastoral Coaching Group exclusively for female pastors. Experience transformative sessions, resources, and personalized guidance to enhance your pastoral leadership skills and deepen your spiritual journey. 

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Create a Spiritual Growth Plan- Class

Embark on a transformative spiritual growth journey with our comprehensive class. Develop a personalized plan, learn practical disciplines that will cultivate a deeper connection with the Divine. 

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Spiritual Direction Group
For Women Only

Join the spiritual direction group. Experience transformative sessions, resources, and personalized support to deepen your spiritual journey.

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Creating a Discipleship 
Making Process for Your

Equip your church to make disciples with our comprehensive plan. Engage in training, develop practical strategies, and empower the church to have a lasting impact in the community. 

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