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Supporting Women Pastors

Empowering Women Pastors for Transformational Leadership
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Woman of God,

You may have heard about the historical event that happened on January 23, 2024, Rev. Dr. Gina Stewart was the first woman to preach at the National Baptist Convention. Yes, we continue to be in the season of "firsts" as it relates to women in ministry living into the call that God has placed on her life. As a Pastor, I know that you understand that no sermon is to just be heard, there has to be a response. Rev. Stewart asked us the question "What We Gone Do With Jesus of Nazareth?"In her powerful heartfelt sermon she admonished us to "Be like Claudia", Pilate's wife who had shown support towards Jesus by telling Pilate to leave Jesus alone, he was innocent. I would like to show support towards you, by offering affordable services that will provide the unique support that you need as you lead. 

As a woman in ministry, I understand the unique struggles that come with fulfilling your call in the ministry. It takes immense strength and courage to navigate the challenges, especially when you are feeling isolated or you lack support.  I would like to offer you a range of services aimed at providing support, coaching, consulting, and spiritual direction. My goal is to empower you and equip you with the tools and resources needed to thrive in your pastoral role and lead your congregation with confidence. 

I would like to create a network of women Pastors and offer all of the above-mentioned services for at least a year. I went to seminary and received an MA in Christian Leadership and an MA in Spiritual Formation because I wanted to return to the local church to help Pastors grow their congregations in spiritual maturity and numerically. After hearing Dr. Stewart's message, I believe that God wants me to be intentional in providing my services specifically to women Pastors. 

I will offer these services for at least one year. We can renew and evaluate at the end of each twelve months. In that year you will receive Leadership Coaching, Church Growth Consulting, and Spiritual Direction from me. This will include unlimited text messaging and emails. This support cannot be free, because I have to have the income to make myself available in this way, however I will make it affordable to you. 


If you are interested in receiving this type of support complete the contact me form below and I will reach out to you. 

In His Service,

Minister Joycelyn L. Lewis

Services To Support You
As You Lead


Leadership Coaching

I will offer personalized coaching sessions to help you navigate the unique challenges you may be facing as a woman pastor. Through these sessions, we can explore strategies for effective leadership, self-care practices, and ways to cultivate a supportive network.


Church Growth Consulting

If you are looking for practical advice and guidance on various aspects of church leadership, I provide consulting services. Whether it's developing a ministry action plan, a disciple making process,  addressing conflicts within your congregation, or implementing effective communication strategies, I am here to support you.


Spiritual Direction

As a pastor it is crucial to nourish our own spiritual well-being while guiding others in their faith journey. I offer spiritual direction services aimed at helping you deepen your relationship with God, find spiritual renewal, and discern His guidance in your ministry.

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