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Welcome to the Soul Salon, my transformative suite of services designed to ignite revitalize, and empower you on your journey of personal transformation. My Spiritual Direction sessions provide a sacred space for deep soul exploration, guiding you toward clarity, purpose, and divine connection. With our empathetic life coaching embark on a personal growth journey that empowers you to overcome obstacles and uncover your true potential to ignite your power.


Additionally, our church growth consulting strategies offer dynamic solutions to reignite congregational passion, foster community, and propel your church toward cultivating a healthy church environment for exponential growth. 

Discover the power of spiritual guidance, accountability, and personal growth development and unlock the abundant life you were meant to live. 


Image by Erik-Jan Leusink


Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a sacred journey where one walks alongside another, igniting the divine spark within. It's a tender space of deep listening, compassion, and guidance, allowing souls to discern God's presence in their lives. It's a transformative, awe-inspiring process that nurtures and awakens the voice of God within. 


Life Coaching

Ignite your spiritual formation and unlock your leadership potential with transformative Life Coaching. Experience profound growth, unleash your inner passion, and cultivate emotional resilience. Embrace empowerment, authenticity, as you embark on a journey of self-discovery, connection and fulfillmen


Church Growth

Revitalize your church with consulting strategies for exponential growth. Awaken the hearts of congregants by creating connections and spiritual renewal. Ignite a revival of faith, invigorate worship experiences and foster authentic community. Empower leaders and propel your church towards spiritual expansion. 

Stacy Niver

"Joycelyn Lewis provides a safe space for spiritual seekers to hear from God. Her gentle questions and reflections help those she is directing make space for the Holy Spirit to speak into confusion and dry places of hear, mind, and spirit. I left my series of Spiritual Direction sessions with her feeling I had been guided back to the path I had stumbled from and equipped to continue the journey confidently."

Rev. Marissa H.

"I am so thankful to have been introduced to Joycelyn. Through her wisdom and discernment, Joycelyn has helped guide me into identifying and embracing my strengths, giftings, and calling. Her heart for recognizing, coaching and mentoring leaders is undeniable. Joycelyn brings encouragement with authenticity and accountability with grace. Working with Joycelyn has been an enormous blessing."

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