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Take a Pause and Let His Word Speak

One of the most obvious results of living in gratitude is the feeling of belonging, of being welcome, of hearing the Lord say, "Come to me" (Mt 11:28). When we feel weary, it's fine to stop working, as Mary did, and sit at the feet of Jesus. In chiding Martha, Jesus seems to be telling us that work without worship never bears lasting fruit. What if we are so busy, ostensibly doing the Father's business, that we miss what the Master himself wants to tell us? We do not have to make an appointment to see him. He is with us all the time, befriending us when we feel lonely and showing us how to be faithful when we are tempted to go astray. It is foolish to think that we must first attempt on our own to solve every problem and only then ask for his help. In so doing, we put the cart of self-perfection before the horse of Christ's unfolding plan of salvation. In the Lord's presence, there is no need for us to hide our vulnerability under the cover of phony airs of self-sufficiency. The Father wants to be our partner, provided we agree not to be the purveyor of an already set agenda.

Muto, Susan. Gratefulness (p. 31). Ave Maria Press. Kindle Edition.

Take a pause and set a timer for ten min. to breathe Inhale and exhale Notice any tension or pain in your body. Ask the Lord to relax you or to heal that area. Notice your thoughts....

Release all that will distract you by simply saying silently or out loud "Lord, I release<insert distraction>to you." When the ten min. is up, sit silently until you are fully present at this moment.

You can also conclude this time by praying the Model Prayer found in Matthew 6:9-13

Then........ Read the scripture and the quote by Dr. Susan Muto, and spend some time journaling and reflecting on the following questions:

1. In what area of your life have you become weary in planting good seeds? 2. In what ways are you a blessing to others as you await the seeds that you have planted to bring in a harvest?

3. How can you bless those who are a part of the family of faith?

4. Read the quote by Dr. Muto; what word or phrase resonates with you in this season of your life?

5. Conclude by writing a prayer of response to the Lord.

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