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Breaking Barriers: Meet the First Woman to Preach at the National Baptist Convention

On Tuesday, January 23, history was made at the National Baptist Convention. The Rev. Dr. Gina Stewart became the first woman to preach at the National Baptist Convention. History was being made when she stepped up to the podium presented her text and preached a Word that broke the traditional Baptist internet with more than 40K+ views for just one video. Her sermon was so powerful that the enemy used someone to remove it, for what specific reason we don't know, but when you are a woman who does anything with excellence for the glory of the Lord, the enemy finds a way to attempt to hinder God's plan to get glory through a woman. God warned us of this in Genesis 3:15. However, the enemy's schemes were thwarted and Rev. Dr. Gina Stewart's message is on YouTube for all who have ears to hear what thus says the Lord.

And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of those who announce the good news? Romans 10:15

I cried knowing that the path to that podium was not an easy one for Rev. Dr. Gina Stewart, there is no doubt she has had some days and nights that were filled with angst and discouragement just for saying "Yes to the call to preach and PASTOR, on her life."

While listening and watching her sermon, I saw her crown of beauty, the oil of joy, the garment of praise, she was an oak of righteousness a display of His splendor, a planting of the Lord. It was quite clear to me that she had been sent to the National Baptist Convention to preach THAT word for such a time as this.

This is a message that will not only set your heart ablaze, it will also inspire you to blaze a trail so that others will have the opportunity to hear the Good News of the gospel! Share this message with everyone you know!

Preach Sister!

The Text: Mark 15:1-15, Matthew 27:19 The Title: What Are We Gonna Do with Jesus of Nazareth?


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