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Creating transformative environments that result in generative change.

Meet Joycelyn

Church Growth Consultant

Leadership Coach

Does your congregation have a generative
disciple-making process?

Do your leaders know how to cultivate a transformative environment?

Are your teams innovative?

Is your church a place where people feel like they belong?

Are you struggling with unexpected challenges as a leader?

Are your leaders developing others to lead?

If you answered no or are unsure of the answers to the questions above, it's time for a consultation. 

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Generative change multiplies, innovates, is able to overcome adaptive change, and creates leaders that help others become leaders. 

I Specialize In


Disciple making Processes


Transformative Environments




Building communities of 


Leaf Pattern Design

It's time to stop working in ways that are defeating your mission. 

There are many things I value about Joycelyn Lewis’ unique coaching style. From the beginning of the session, she sets the tone with a steadiness and calmness maintaining that tone for the duration of our time. She asks the probing questions that helps me to discover the answers I have within. I really appreciate her way of being that takes into account my strong beliefs and allows space for me to listen in accordance with my faith tradition. Joycelyn seamlessly integrates her coaching and spiritual formation in such a way that I know that my spiritual beliefs are honored and fostered. 

- Allison, Kentucky

A sound ear, a gentle voice, a safe space and fully present these aren't just words, this is Joycelyn Lewis. Her coaching approach welcomes your vulnerability, but leaves you feeling stronger than you came. With her thought provoking questions and strong grounded foundation in faith, you just can't go wrong! I would recommend her to anyone several times over.

Noelle F .
Business Owner

I am so thankful to have been introduced to Joycelyn. Through her wisdom and discernment, Joycelyn has helped guide me into identifying and embracing my strengths, giftings, and calling. Her heart for recognizing, coaching and mentoring leaders is undeniable. Joycelyn brings encouragement with authenticity and accountability with grace. Working with Joycelyn has been an enormous blessing.

- Rev. Marissa H.
Non-profit Director
New York



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