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You Need The Safe Church Checklist

A Safe church is a "Spirit-formed, Christlike culture, ....nurtures truth, offers healing for the wounded, seeks opportunities to show redemptive grace and love, focuses on serving others (rather than being served), and looks for ways to establish justice in the daily paths of life. A Christlike church culture always has it's eyes on people because the mission of the church is all about God's redemptive love of people." Quote from the Book, A Church Called TOV, p.22

Power and fear-based church cultures are on the rise. We must take this seriously and put measures in place to safeguard our churches against this form of toxicity in the church.

At least ten factors can begin to facilitate and cultivate a safe, non-toxic church culture. Click on the button below to get your Safe Church Checklist. This list can help you discern whether to stay in a church where you are a member, attend a church, or leave a particular church, and if you lead a church, it can help you to improve the church experience of your visitors and members. You can also use it to get information about a church you consider attending and/or joining.

This checklist is preventative, therefore if your church already has a toxic culture and is experiencing abuse of power from leadership, using this checklist will not begin to facilitate or cultivate a change in your culture if there are currently no consequences for abuse of power and the leadership is unwilling to hold the leader(s) accountable.

I am not taking clients until August; however, if you have questions about your Safe Church Checklist results, you can contact me via the chat on this website.

Send your safe church checklist results to Subject Line: Safe Church Checklist Results if you would like for me to add your church to the Safe Church List. I will be creating a safe church website where people can go and find out what churches are churches they can attend in their area.

Click the file below to receive your Safe Church Checklist.

Your Safe Church Checklist
Download PDF • 492KB

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