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Sunday Morning Inspiration- Judges 7

Read Judges 6 & 7

Watch this video by Priscilla Shirer, How to Win the Battle.

Spend time journaling and reflecting on the following questions:

  • In what area of your life are you in a battle(s)?

  • In what area of your life does it seem that you can't win the battle(s)?

  • What is God speaking to you through Gideon's story regarding your battle(s)

When God gives us impossible tasks, He never leaves us empty-handed. We are equipped with every spiritual blessing to carry out all God has called us to do. But what amazes me most about God and His provision is that He is faithful to give us the confidence we need to do the impossible. He proves Himself in the little things so that we will trust Him in the big things. Alyssa Howard


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