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Saturday Stress Buster- Cultivate A Hobby

Hobbies are great distractions from the worries and troubles that plague daily living, Bill Malone

I have had the opportunity to attend two "Paint Parties." I loved it! I really enjoyed painting, and since then, I have wondered how I could cultivate this creative side of me. It's a hobby that I long to learn. Photography is another hobby that I enjoy. I enjoy capturing special moments. I currently have more than 30,000 pictures on my phone, dating from 2009 to the present. I know that's crazy, but I love taking pictures!

Is there a hobby that you have always wanted to cultivate? Perhaps you are like me and would like to paint; maybe it's following hiking trails, knitting, crocheting, dancing, pottery, or photography? Well, my beloved, today is your invitation to try it!

People who regularly participate in hobbies decrease their risks for depression, anxiety, stress, and loneliness. Having a hobby improves your mental health!

Take some time today to begin a hobby or to decide what your hobby will be, and then take one action step towards doing it. Then, share what you are doing with others; maybe they will want to join you or start a hobby of their own.

Share your hobby with me on Instagram @joycelynignites using the hashtag #Myhobbypassion.


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