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Be Spontaneous. It May Be A Part of the Plan

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

On Sunday, my husband and I decided to be spontaneous and go to Pigeon Forge, TN, for a little getaway. We chose not to book a hotel until we got there because Pigeon Forge has so many hotels; it would be better to go and see the hotel before making a decision. Being spontaneous in this way was also one of the things we did before we had children. I looked up several hotels to give us places to begin when we arrived. We decided to first look at a hotel called The Ramsey Hotel and Convention Center. When we arrived, it looked like a luxury hotel; I was thinking, "This is probably gonna be a little out of our price range," but I had found an online price that was reasonable and had determined if we booked it that, I would book the room on my phone while standing in the hotel lobby.

We approached the counter and asked if they had availability and the nightly rate; while I was talking with the reservationist, my husband said, "This is the one. Let's stay here." I was not surprised that he chose the hotel because it looked like one of the best hotels in the area. My husband will always gravitate toward what is considered "the best."

The reservationist, Richard matched the online price, so we paid for our room and were handed our keys. After taking our bags to the room, we got a bite to eat. When we returned, I was unpacking my bag when I noticed that on the end table, there was a bible lying open with a Book mark on it. I asked my husband if he had opened the Bible, and he said he had not. I leaned in to see that the Bible was opened to Psalm 5-8, with a bookmark on top (see the picture below). I read the bookmark, and I was speechless! The bookmark was a prayer:

The Ramsey Hotel was not just a random hotel we had selected; it was a specifically chosen one for us! By God himself.

Our arrival at The Ramsey Hotel wasn't just our prayer that had been answered; we were a manifestation of the answered prayer based on the bookmark!

We later found out that the hotel has The Ramsey Hotel Church Services on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. and Bible Study on Tuesdays at 5:00 p.m. Christian music was playing in every public area, and Christians independently own it.

I was so excited about The Ramsey Hotel and Convention Center that my wheels started turning, so I decided to get information about a retreat and conference there. I love hosting retreats and conferences. When we talked with the woman about the meeting spaces, we discovered that the meeting rooms are called "Salons"! What?! My coaching business is called, The Soul SALON! How amazing would that for The Soul Salon to host a retreat or conference, and in the program, the meeting spaces are described as "Salon A, Salon B, etc., "Come on, Lord!

Spontaneity isn't always spontaneous; sometimes, it's God's way of revealing His plan to us. He gives us the desires of our hearts when it's in alignment with His.

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