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There is Living Proof of A Leader Worth Following

Living Proof Screen
Beth Moore Live Event

Hello beloved. I am calling you beloved because you are and because I was in my hometown of Lexington, KY, this past weekend attending a Beth Moore Live event, and she gave us all name tags and said that our names were "Beloved." Why? Because she wanted us to know how much the Father deeply loves us, and I want you to know that the Father deeply loves you.

She explained to us that she has a small team of about 15 (this is incredible because she is a national speaker with 600k followers on Instagram, just to put this in perspective). She explained to us that one thing she does is she takes the cities/places of each event she is going to do and writes the name on a piece of paper. Then she folds them up, puts them on a table, prays over them then each team member takes one of the pieces of paper. She says she then gives them the assignment to pray over and to listen to what God would want to communicate to those attending that event. So, for our event this weekend, the person assigned to pray for us said we needed to know that we are "beloved" by God. This is incredible leadership!

This is healthy leadership. This is nonoppressive leadership.

Beth Moore, who has 600k followers on Instagram, and 775k followers on FB, whose live event for this past weekend was sold out, trusted the members of her team of 15 to pray and listen to God about what He would want the people to know at an event that has her name on it! That's a leadership style worth emulating and following.

Beth Moore also explained that Sharon Miller was someone she met through Twitter. She had noticed perhaps some posts of Sharon's started following her and discovered that she is a sincere Christian woman who loves God and an excellent speaker. Beth Moore shared her platform with Sharon Miller. She created space for Sharon Miller to expose us to Sharon Miller's gift(s).

She empowered Sharon Miller, and she trusted God through Sharon Miller to preach and teach us on Friday night. And Sharon Miller brought that Word! It is evident that Beth is not an insecure woman; she is not focused on keeping herself in the spotlight.

She shared the gifts of another woman with us so that we could be inspired, encouraged, and transformed. This is healthy leadership. This is nonoppressive leadership. This is the type of leadership style worth emulating and following.

Beth Moore Live Event Immanual Baptist Church Lexington, KY
Stacy (left) Myshel (middle) Joycelyn (right)

I could attend this past weekend's event because of a woman named Myshel (in the middle), who sings with Beth Moore's worship team. She and I have a mutual friend named Stacy (on the left), one of my best friends. I met Myshel through my friend Stacy in 2005 because we were on a team of 10 women and two men who went to Venezuela to teach the women there. Myshel's voice is amazing! Myshel is from Kentucky. Myshel reserved two tickets with reserved seats! I am not one to be "star struck"; however, there was just one row between where Stacy and I were sitting and Beth Moore and Sharon Miller, the preachers for the weekend. You know I like being close to the FIRE! All glory and praise goes to God!

After the event, Stacy and I talked to Myshel, who said some incredibly positive things about Beth Moore, like she "anoints and prays over them (the Worship team), they do devotions with them, she's the real deal." When Stacy asked whether or not Myshel was staying in a hotel, Myshel responded quickly, "Yes, but I am well taken care of; I was able to fly in early to spend time with my dad."

This is leadership par excellence! And a leadership style worth emulating and following.

In two short hours, I entered a time of worship; my voice was hoarse from singing, my eye-make was gone because of my tears, and I was not just in the presence of a genuine and empowering leader. She had brought us all into the presence of the Almighty God, who never fails us! He won't! This is what healthy nonoppressive leaders do. We were all there because it was a Beth Moore event, but she did not make herself the spotlight. She made the Almighty God our focus, and then she spotlighted a beloved woman of God and essentially said, "Now let your light shine, girl." Friday night couldn't sleep; I had created 2-3 Instagram live posts and a FB live post about it (which I usually resist doing videos. We'll talk about this later in another blog). Healthy, nonoppressive leadership ignites you! I was like a little kid on Christmas Eve, waiting for 8:30 a.m. so that I could go back and be in the presence of like-minded individuals under the leadership of someone whose agenda is not to use me for her agenda. This is liberating!

And that's what healthy, nonoppressive leadership does; it liberates! Because where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty! Healthy nonoppressive leadership invokes the Spirit of the Lord, and when He shows up, those who are present are inspired and transformed. This is a leadership style worth emulating and following.

Quite honestly, these past few weeks, I realized I had also lost some inspiration and joy, grieving the loss of my "dream job" (see my blog Everyday I Cried). Essentially I had to immerse myself in an environment without oppression. Seeing another woman being empowered and the glowing comments about Beth Moore's leadership style reignited my hope and joy that there are healthy leaders out there, and it reignited and stirred up my gifts! I am truly grateful! So……….out!

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