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Let's Grow The Church

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Church growth isn’t about increasing the number of people in a congregation it’s about cultivating spiritual maturity. Spiritual maturity is cultivated when leaders of churches become intentional about church assimilation. Church assimilation provides an internal accountability structure for making disciples.

Every church should have an assimilation Pastor/Director/Leader, whose primary responsibility is to show every person who enters the doors of the church and/or participates

in outreach activities the path to become spiritually mature. This is done through making personal connections and by tracking where each person is involved within the assimilation process towards spiritual maturity. Assimilation is a tool that aids the church in being good stewards over the lives that show up. Knowing where people are on the path will help leaders and members maximize relationships. I believe God the Father has an assimilation process. Before the foundation of the world God had a plan for how he was going to bring about redemption. There are scriptures that indicated that He knew us before we even came to exist in this world (Eph. 1:4) and He created a path for us to be redeemed. He was intentional. He was strategic. Scripture says that the Father knows us, he knows our sitting and our rising (Psalm 139:2), and the very numbers of hair on our heads (Luke 12:7), our names are written on the palm of His hand (Isaiah 49:16). The Father is keeping track of us and as He keeps track of us, He is guiding us along our spiritual journey. I believe it is just as important for there to be a leader in the church who does the same. The church must be strategic and intentional about assimilation. There must be a process for making disciples. Jesus had a process. His process? Go. Teach. Baptize. Go. Teach. Baptize. Etc., I think you get my point. Assimilation creates an intentionality about making connections with people who enter the doors and bringing them into the community of faith where they can grow and help to disciple others. If you are not sure if assimilation is for your church. Do an experiment. Be intentional about assimilation use an assimilation process for a year and see if lives are transformed. You can always stop if it’s not bearing fruit. But if it bears fruit, then your church will be impacting the Kingdom and impacting the world!


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