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A Proven Method for Generative Change

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to learn Spiritual Leadership Inc.’s (SLI)

generative change methodology while I was in seminary. I was invited to be a coach for SLI; however, I couldn’t join the SLI team as a coach due to circumstances beyond my control. However, I did have the privilege of being taught the SLI methodology in seminary.

There is no doubt in my mind that the churches that committed to SLI’s methodology for the purpose of fostering transformation, developing spiritual leaders, and establishing processes that bear fruit were able to be sustained during the pandemic.

SLI’s methodology is based on what is called L3, Loving, Learning and Leading. It’s the process in which an SLI coach journeys with the leaders in a church that have a commitment to grow spiritually mature disciples. A covenant group is created, and that group enters a journey that results in SLI’s vision and mission being fulfilled. See SLI’s vision and mission below:

Vision: Joining Jesus in His revolution to transform leaders, communities, and the world.

Mission: Discover, develop, and deploy passionate spiritual leaders & teams for the transformation of churches, organizations, and communities.


· Developing spiritual leaders who model community that loves, learns, and leads together.

· Creating environments that foster transformation

· Establishing processes that bear fruit.

I am not sharing this information with you as a commercial for SLI, I am sharing it because I want you to know that creating environments that foster transformation is happening in other spaces where churches, organizations and communities need transformation.

SLI’s methodology has been proven to work based on biblical principles. This methodology is what ignited my soul for fostering transformation in the church. Through SLI’s methodology I discovered that there is a plan and there is a process for developing spiritual leaders and establishing processes that bear fruit.

If you are the leader of a struggling church, let’s begin the journey of fostering transformation in the congregation where you lead. You and your leaders will receive tools that will sustain your congregation thru its present challenges and for the next generation.

Let’s get started….together….we can do it!


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