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Sister, Have You Stopped Going To Church?

Photo by Samantha Borges on Unsplash

Have you stopped going to Church? Perhaps you discovered during COVID-19 that you don’t have to wear pantyhose, a “Sunday Suit,” and high heels to attend Church. But when you returned after COVID, no one else seemed to have the same revelation. Things went back to business as usual without any change. I enjoy attending the Church we are currently attending because I can wear jeans! I don’t always wear jeans, but I have some Sundays where I’m just feelin’ jeans! But I won’t digress.

Perhaps you have thought, “If all I am going to be allowed to do when I go to Church is sit in a pew on Sunday mornings and listen to a sermon, or listen to a lecture for midweek service, cook in the kitchen, or watch the kids in the nursery then I can just stay at home. Because I can do all those things at home AND still watch a church service online.” Why? This helps you avoid the emotional angst of being a part of a faith community where the only gift the Church wants from you- a woman- is your tithe and your offering. Not your spiritual gifts, not your talents, not your opinions, not your ideas, not your leadership, not your preaching, your teaching, and your dance ministry, and now that many churches have praise teams, you may not even get to sing. Online Church seems to be the better option.

You may be feeling the frustration of attending Church on Sunday, following the midweek service or Bible Study, leaving, and never talking with anyone other than a superficial hello. This drives me up the wall as well!

I know you long to attend a Bible Study where you get to engage in the scriptures, share what God has revealed about it, and discuss it with other people. I understand that longing to be a part of a real “family” of believers where you and others can share that you are struggling with real-life issues like your self-worth, your finances, your marriage, a rebellious child, unforgiveness, anger, living with depression, the mental illness of a family member or an addiction and receive compassionate support. So, since you can’t find it, you’ve decided to watch a sermon online.

My sister, I understand that finding a church home that intentionally teaches those who attend how to grow and become more spiritually mature through conversational teaching and small groups where you can become genuinely connected with other people and use your gifts and talents is a rare find. However, I want to encourage you not to give up. Keep searching. Keep praying. There is absolutely a church community waiting for you to show up. Until then, I want you to church HOP. Yes! I said it, visit churches! Do not just stay home on Sunday mornings and be in isolation. Finding the right Church home by staying home is like a single woman wanting to meet a man without leaving the house. Visit. Visit. Visit. And God will lead you to a faith community where you can become the woman He created you to be.

In the meantime, I want to give you a little gift. My quiet time method is called SHAPE. You must read God’s Word and apply it to your life. While you are in this season of transition and visiting various churches, I want to equip you with a way to maintain your connection with God.

Copy of Final SHAPE Personal Quiet Time Method
Download PDF • 30.45MB

Sending you a virtual hug, keep shining!


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