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Does Your Church Need Leadership or Teacher Training or a Retreat?

Be ignited and embrace the power within, for within you lies the capacity, courage, and resilience to conquer any challenge and bring about extraordinary impact. 





Leadership Training

Joycelyn's interactive workshops, practical exercises, and insightful discussions help participants develop their leadership gifts and abilities. She provides valuable insights to help leaders confidently lead in healthy ways and empower others to use their gifts to serve God. 

Teacher Training

Joycelyn's Christian education teacher training provides practical tools and techniques for nurturing student's spiritual growth. Her training equips teachers to create an environment where students can become spiritually mature disciples. 


Does your congregation need to spend some dedicated time in prayer and reflection? Joycelyn is passionate about creating and holding space for Christian believers to listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd through her refreshment retreats. During this retreat, participants will spend time in the quiet and engage in journaling, reflecting, and the Word of God. This offers participants time to step away from life's busyness and turn off the noise. Participants will leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and inspired in their faith, ready to continue their journey with a deeper connection to God and a strengthened sense of purpose. 

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