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Meet Joycelyn

             Leadership Coach   Church Growth Consultant

Every day, I wonder what the future church will look like when my grandchildren (ages 7 & 3) become adults. I wonder if they will be a part of a faith community that has created a transformative environment with a fruitful kingdom process where they can discern the activity and direction of God. This is what keeps me up at night. 

I am called to create safe transformative environments that are generative, through innovative teams, being a community where people feel they belong and with a kingdom centered disciple making process that bears fruit. 

I have more than 20 years of leadership experience. I have had the privilege of studying one of the fastest growing churches in America, leading some incredible ministries and developing leaders.  My pragmatic wisdom, keen perception, discernment, experiences, education, resources, passion, diligence and refined results is what you need to insure that the church where you lead will be a safe, healthy and transformative place for your current and  future disciples. 

Let's make disciples......together! 

Education & Training

B.S. Communication Disorders

M.A. Christian Leadership
M.A. Spiritual Formation
Certified in Formative Spirituality

Certified Executive Coach

Certified Personal Development Coach

Author, Clipped Wings (Amazon)

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I am not accepting clients at this time.

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